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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A simple poll... and other ways to gather ideas

Near the bottom of this blog I've posted a simple poll titled "What could be a broad-based revolution objective?" It is a very limiting instrument and there are some choices I've thrown out including an "other" choice which encourages you to send me a twitter with your ideas.  But there is a better tool at -- as the webpage states in the registry area, "You are about to create your own website where your visitors can vote on existing ideas and upload new ones."  I encourage you to please vote on the simple poll I've set up below, but in the near future know that I will be embedding something else into this blog from the AllOurIdeas site that will let visitors to this blog contribute collaboratively to the formation of revolutionary objectives, consistent with the principle of 'revolutionary love' as described in the opening statement of this blog site.

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